It’s difficult to accept here and there to what extent I’ve been blogging

since January 2006 – omg! I believe it’s unimaginable yet additionally entirely frightening to concede how quick the time has passed by. My life has likewise changed in manners I would have NEVER foreseen when I begun composing here once again 13 years back. Be that as it may, a great deal of other people who likewise begun websites after me feel the equivalent – they are as yet blogging yet their life has changed from numerous points of view as well. Some quit blogging yet others, similar to my companion Danielle from The Style Files, are as yet composing and view blogging as an extremely pleasant and loosening up leisure activity while others transformed their blog into huge business.

Danielle gave us a voyage through her condo in Den Hague in 2006, do you recollect it? Ha, alright, I’m speculating no, so here is a connection. After that visit, I think a couple of years after the fact (perhaps around 2010?) she migrated outside of Amsterdam to a major old house and redesigned it and had a child. I never gave you a voyage through that house since it has been a work-in-advance from that point onward – with the greenhouse and outside zones being a major concentration in latest years. In any case, today, you will get the terrific voyage through the house BUT there is a trick. YOU CAN ACTUALLY OWN IT IF YOU WANT TO on the grounds that Danielle simply put the property available to be purchased and it very well may be yours (connect here for information at the real estate agent’s site or here to Funda.

Alright so it’s a great opportunity to look at this dazzling nation home, only a little ways from Amsterdam. I wish I had the additional money to transform this into my late spring home!

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