Shouldn’t YOUR HOME be superior to any inn, spa, or “retreat”?

Shouldn’t YOUR HOME be superior to any inn, spa, or “retreat”? Indeed! Regardless of whether you aren’t rich (who truly is!), it’s so essential to set aside cash until you can manage the cost of the bed you had always wanted and the room style and plan that you cherish in light of the fact that you recognize what – WE HAVE ONE LIFE! It’s not to be squandered or to lounge around seeking after “some time or another I will… “. It’s additionally senseless to take excursions when your very own room is certainly not an individual desert spring. Remain at home and avoid the late spring get-away on the off chance that it implies you can utilize a similar cash to make your rest room stunning.


For quite a long while, since I left the states and my boxspring bed framework behind, I have been dozing on the well known German lattenrost framework. It’s a sleeping pad about a large portion of the thickness of a US one, over wooden slates. They snap on occasion, and you need to supplant the slates. You can break them from a wide range of things, your youngster chooses to bounce on the bed, you have an extremely wild night with your accomplice (!), you essentially get into bed excessively quick or fall in on the “wrong” point, as with your knee, and CRACK.

Of course, you can get differing degrees of “lattenrost”, the shabby school form are ones you can arrange at IKEA or Amazon, yet you can step up to get frameworks that are not made of wood at everything except rather of adaptable plastic lattenrost. What’s more, OK, those are fine and bunches of individuals are having extraordinary occasions on the astounding lattenrost. In any case, toward the day’s end, they are still NOT a boxspring with a bedding on top which is, to me, a definitive, prevalent, rest framework. Also, when you grow up used to a boxspring, there is no returning.


Clever actuality, in Germany at most inns, it’s dependably a boxspring framework that you rest on. Why? I made a few inquiries and discovered that it is on the grounds that they last the longest, are the most strong and certainly give the best rest. So for what reason are German homes loaded up with lattenrost? Truly, I think it comes down to moderateness FIRST and what you’re accustomed to utilizing SECOND. It’s social, similar to brew and currywurst, and you more often than not don’t address something that individuals have been doing and utilizing for a million years since, well, it works.


Be that as it may, for me, this rest framework did not work for my back or my stance. I woke up a great deal of mornings with deadness in my legs or feet. I thought I was getting some significant disease. I managed back agony on and off since I moved to Germany yet it didn’t jump out at me that it was the emotionally supportive network BELOW the bedding. DUH. I purchased new sleeping pads a few times, accusing the bedding again and again. It wasn’t ever the sleeping pad. It was the lattenrost framework as a rule. I began with the wooden ones and graduated to the plastic, more originator kind… But regardless it didn’t do anything. My back wellbeing still endured.

A year ago, I was in Finland at a major plan reasonable called HABITARE and I saw a bed by MATRI that I adored and saw it had a dazzling headboard called LEMPI as well as a genuine BOXSPRING framework. I got somewhat jazzed and unquestionably, energized. I remained there speculation, “For what reason don’t we have this brand in Germany, and for what reason don’t I have a boxspring framework in my home, how would I get one!?”. You can import them, in any event last I checked, or get them in Germany at certain stores, however they are generally similar to 6 figures and that is, well, costly notwithstanding for somebody like me who will put something aside for quite a long time or years for something that I genuinely love or need.

It would be ideal if you SAVE ME, FINNS!

Anyway, I cherished the bed so much that I kept in touch with them to request a collab. They composed back and before I knew it, they acknowledged. Matri is a unique Finnish bed brand established in 1986 and the beds are made in territory Europe by gifted specialists at the same time, the best part for me is that the model I needed was 100% eco-accommodating, no destructive pastes or anything by any means, so totally sensitivity free. I have sensitivities to paste and the majority of the stuff most beds are pressed with (unsafe synthetic substances, and so forth.) so I was so cheerfully stunned. In any case, the greatest stun was the point at which they disclosed to me that they have a store IN HANNOVER under the name MATRI by Fennobed which is the name the organization goes under in Germany. In Finland, they are simply known as MATRI.

Also, indeed, what are the odds that their shop where I could happily skip on sleeping cushions (to test them), was just 5 MINUTES BY CAR FROM MY HOUSE.

I missed this store by one way or another in my every day life, yet in a flash I proceeded to be welcomed by the most minding and kind store director, Basil Mahjoub, who clarified the majority of the bests to me and what was ideal and what to search for and afterward we chose a topper and a headboard… I could even pick the sort of legs that I needed and the stature of the legs, and the bed skirt (length, style and shading!). Also, just a couple of WEEKS after the fact, the bed was IN MY HOME, introduced by their group, looking superior to anything I had envisioned. However, the majority of all…


The medieval repulsiveness, the lattenrost framework, is gone from my life for eternity. POOF. Never again will I have a bed that makes me wiped out.


I rest like a blessed messenger now. I feel incredible when I get into bed during the evening, I read books in bed once more, I snuggle my child and read to him there, I even talk on Whatsapp in my bed while utilizing one of those sheet covers all over while I’m trusting that my toes will dry (pedicure). My room is my nestle zone, my day spa, it’s the place I want to be! I think the peril with adoring my bed so much is that I would prefer dependably not to LEAVE IT and “grown-up” every day, except that is not an awful issue to have. Getting up every day invigorated and empowered feels incredible, versus with sore legs and a migraine or an awful shooting torment in my back like previously. What’s more, those long stretches of shocking rest evenings and awakening sore are gone now and I’m so cheerful.


Here is my room beneath. I need to paint the dividers and change the hues and the pendant and include blinds and change the mat, you know since I am prepared to envision the room contrastingly since I have another bed to rest on. I cherish my end tables, lights and my bed – those components will remain for a considerable length of time and years. Particularly that bed, OH YES. It’s everything MINE. Travel at home!

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